NUHIKUN -Directions to Servants-

NUHIKUN -Directions to Servants-

In the absence of the master, a man came to visit this residence one night, where servants and servants take turns playing the role of the master.

2023 September 1st-24th

 Fri. 1st 19:00-
 Sat. 2nd 19:00-
 Sun. 3rd 16:00-
 Mon. 4th 19:00-
 Tue. 5th no performance
 Wed. 6th 19:00-
 Thu. 7th 19:00-
 Fri. 8th video screening
 Sat. 9th 19:00-
 Sun. 10th 19:00-
 Mon. 11th 19:00-
 Tue. 12th backstage tour
 Wed. 13th 19:00-
 Thu. 14th 19:00-
 Fri. 15th performance workshop
 Sat. 16th 16:00-
 Sun. 17th 19:00-
 Mon. 18th 19:00-
 Tue. 19th music concert
 Wed. 20th 19:00-
 Thu. 21st 19:00-
 Fri. 22nd 19:00-
 Sat. 23rd 19:00-
 Sun. 24th 14:00-

The running time is scheduled to be 120 minutes.
From 60 minutes before reception. 20 minutes before the theater opens.


2-27-20 Osu Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken 460-0011 Japan


Director|Gouki Watabe

Kanako Taguchi, Moe Akagi
Koichi Nakai, Kain Abel, Takashi Fumoto, Naomi, Azusa Suzue, Mami Tagami, Yutaka Ikeda, Akihiro Sago

Composer|Moe Akagi
Sound Operater|Taira Yasue, Daiki Kojima
Lighting Director|Takefumi Hashimoto
Stage Carpenter|Ryo Hayama
Video Recording|Tetsuya Murasaki
Main Visual|Ai Ohkawara「Recalling Memories 8」
Chef|Izumi Kano
Production Team|Natsumi Tsuboi, Momoka Abe, Nono Harusame, Kaori Akagi, Mitsuyoshi Shibata, Nano Kashima, Hanako Sakurai

You can come to the theater and watch a performance.
Alternatively, you can watch videos from anywhere in the world.
For details, please contact us.

TAIGENTEIKOKU is Japanese performing arts company which has established by director Gouki Watabe(Winner of Toga Theater Directors Competition Award 2016).
Especially continue activities with influence from TERAYAMA SHUJI who directed performing arts company A LABORATORY OF PLAY TENJOSAJIKI(One of the top Japanese performing arts company).
Particularly we have been expressing a unique world distorting the space-time on the stage by physical training of the actors.

Gouki Watabe
He presided over a theater company TAIGENTEIKOKU.
Super Director.
Born in 1987, from Aichi prefecture Japan.
2008-2012 Presides over TAIGENTEIKOKU.
In 2017, TAIGENTEIKOKU resumed.
Emphasizing the power of the group, the audience’s imagination is the key to creating a world that can only be created through the performing arts.
By launching an unprecedented theater, we will change the lives of those involved in theater.
A scammer who sells dreams.
Engaged in the planning and production of NANATSUDERA-KYODO-Studio and Mie Prefectural Cultural Center in the past.
He was in charge of directing the 50th anniversary performance of the NANATSUDERA-KYODO-Studio “Human Bullet Three Warriors of Dreams” and received high praise from the media such as newspapers.
In recent years, he has held workshops for overseas dancers, and has collaborated with Denmark, Japan, and Ecuador to produce works.

Winner of Toga Theater Directors Competition Award 2016
Member of the Japan Directors Association